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Why Morning Sex is the best sex…….

Hey Boys…….what better way to start your day than with some MORNING SEX!!!!….. did you know that “getting busy” first thing has all the benefits of drinking coffee….and more….and we are here to tell you all the reasons why morning sex SHOULD be included into your daily routine….. (all scientifically based of course!)

  1. Hormonally your body is ready to go first thing Estrogen and testosterone levels peak in the AM…..higher hormones=higher libido
  2. Higher testorone levels increase erection strength Remember point #1….hormones peak in the morning…..
  3. Stress relief Pleasurable activities reduce stress levels…so that morning climax is guaranteed to make the work day so much more bearable
  4. Endorphins Happy hormones released by morning sex
  5. Burns calories why drag your tired self through a torturous workout at the gym…..according to Harvard Medical School sex burns 5 calories a minute!!!!
  6. Boost brain power the release of dopamine and other neurotransmitters can boost brain health and cognition

So what are you waiting for…….come visit the sexy in-house escorts here at Montecito and start your working day off right…..XXX