As the best brothel in Brisbane, Montecito believes in educating its clients in order for them to maximize their booking time and avoid disappointment. In order to maintain the highest possible standard of adult services in Brisbane we have designed a specific set of questions and answers to ensure you have the most information possible. This will allow you to make a worry-free booking with plenty of knowledge of Montecito and the sex industry.
It is presumed that you will respect the etiquette laid out below; failure to do so may result in you offending our lovely ladies and no one wants that. Please take the time to read over all the points before making a booking so that you know what to expect and what is expected of you, this way we can ensure the highest possible service standards and the best possible experience for you.
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Q. What are the prices?
A. $160 for 30mins, $200 for 45mins, $260 for 60mins. These price relate to a “Standard Service”

Q. I notice that you claim to have real photos of your ladies on your website. Is this really the case?
A. Yes. One of Montecito’s biggest goals is to create a trust relationship between our establishment and our clients. You can be confident that all of the ladies photos on our website are in fact the girls themselves. We are all about full disclosure and we feel that establishments that post fake photos or inaccurate descriptions are misleading their clients.

Q. Are bookings recommended or essential? Can I come in without booking a lady?
A. Of course bookings are welcome via our website and by phone. They are recommended as the best way to ensure your favourite lady will be available at your convenience. That being said you are more than welcome to visit our establishment obligation free to view and meet the ladies.

Q. Where is your establishment located? Is it central and close to public transport?
A. Montecito boasts the most central location of all Brisbane brothels as it is conveniently within 5km of the CBD and Fortitude Valley and within 10km of the International and Domestic Airports. Our establishment is easily accessible by bus; the Bowen Hills train station or taxi. We also have a discreet, off street car park on site if you wish to drive.

Q. I am concerned about health. Do your girls undergo any form of sexual health testing?
A. Montecito adheres to strict guidelines to ensure that all used linen and towels are cleaned and sanitised to an acceptable standard. Finally, we require that all of our service providers are fully trained in proper methods of safe sex.

Q. Do I have to wear a condom? Can I pay extra for natural services?
A. It is an offence under the Prostitution Act 1999 to engage in sexual activity in a legal brothel without the use of a condom. Our girls will not engage in any form of natural service for any additional fee. Please not ask as it will offend your lovely lady.

Q. What are some tips to make sure I get the best service from my lady?
A. We have shower facilities in each room to ensure you are clean and smelling fresh for your lady.

Q. Can I buy my favourite girls gifts?
A. Gifts and tokens of appreciation are always welcomed. Flowers, chocolates, perfume and jewellery are a nice way to say thankyou. If you see your lady regularly, you may even know a little more about her and be able to buy her a personal gift.

Q. Are there any topics of conversation I should avoid in the room?
A. Our ladies love spending time with you but also have private lives, which the ladies may find it intrusive if you question them about this. They are happy to discuss with you a wide range of topics but do not be offended if they refuse to answer some of your questions. They enjoy indulging in the fantasy of the Montecito experience and creating for you a pleasurable haven, and enjoying living in two separate worlds. Please don’t ask our ladies why they are working, many are educated, sexual beings who enjoy what they do and have made a conscious lifestyle choice.

Q. What if I see a lady from Montecito in public?
A. If you have seen a lady out in public she would appreciate your discretion. Please do not approach or attempt to talk to the ladies, unless they have approached you first. Often their family and friends are unaware of her profession and she would appreciate the same respect she pays to your privacy. Likewise, a lady will never approach you or attempt to talk to any of her gentleman clients when she is away from Montecito.

Q. Can I see a lady from Montecito privately or outside the establishment?
A. This shows a lack of respect of their privacy and personal time away from Montecito – although please remember you are welcome to come in and see them as often as you like.

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