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Imagine the sublime pleasure of being pampered and teased by two sets of hands…. having two ladies totally focused on your fulfillment. There are times when just being with one woman is not enough….and our in-house escorts adore nothing more than playing together and including you in on the fun.

For an unforgettable experience allow yourself to be swept away in the erotic bliss that comes when in the company of two sexy playmates. Decide between the selfish pleasure that comes with having two ladies all to yourself or lay back and enjoy the sensual eroticism of watching two ladies together. Spoil yourself in the most delicious way….XXX







Montecito, Brisbane’s best brothel is home to the most stunning in house escorts, highly skilled in all number of erotic arts and totally focused on your pleasure. With an undisputed reputation for being home to the most open-minded, glamorous and sexually adventurous ladies, Montecito is the brothel of choice for all discerning clients. Our in house escorts offer a wide variety of services guaranteed to satisfy any number of desires and combined with our discreet and professional management team, Montecito offers an unmatched experience. Conveniently located 5 minutes from the CBD, our 5 star premises is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Come visit and see for yourself why we are renowned for being Brisbane’s best brothel… is too short and you deserve the best…….XXX

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