They're back..... - Montecito
The Ladies

They’re back…..

Tasma and Chloe……two of Montecito’s most requested playmates are back from their vacations and looking hotter than ever???? With their tanned, silky smooth olive skin, outrageous toned figures and flawless looks…..this dynamic duo have to be seen to be believed…

Tonights line-up of beauties is nothing short of spectacular! Start the weekend with some sexy fun…..Oksana, Vixen, Bree, Angela, Blake, Sophie & Shanelle…..these in-house escorts are oh so accomodating and sublimely skilled in all manner of fantasies and fetishes….XXX

Friday fact….. The 2019 Global Self-Pleasure Report initiated by Tenga, a leading manufacturer of sex toys, surveyed men and women from 18 different countries regarding their self-stimulation habits. According to the results…..96% of British men, 92% of American men and 93% of German men all engage in regular manual erotic stimulation. While this act of self-gratification can aid stress release and help to stabilize mood making one happier and healthier….it is so much more fun with an extra set of hands…..