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Stay sexy…….

All the stunning ladies of Montecito are sending sexy and safe vibes to all their loyal clients……we hope you are all keeping well and staying inside. And for those of you that are missing spending time in the company of one of our highly skilled in house escorts…’re not alone…this is how Covid-19 has changed sex for millions around the world…..

  1. Pornhub, which normally rakes in around 120 million daily visits….has seen an increase of around 12% and climbing. When the company offered free premium access to Italy when the country went into lockdown…..the country responded with a massive 57% increase in daily visits.
  2. Australia is still waiting for Pornhub to offer free premium access, they’ve already rolled it out to France and Spain….but Aussie traffic has still increased by nearly 10%
  3. As expected…..particular searches for one type of porn has seen an increase….peaking at 9.1 million searches over a small time frame….yep….people are frantically searching for “Corona or Covid porn”…
  4. And who new that there was such a thing as a “sneeze fetish”?????? Yep, apparently sneezing on others or being sneezed on is a thing…..not something that we are advising or indulging in at this point in time…
  5. xHamster and Stripchat are giving out free sessions with their cam models and even Fakku, a Hentai site launched in 2006, is giving away free access to its site….though our research has discovered that traffic appears to overloading the site servors.

So…..stay safe and occupied inside and before you know it…..Brisbane’s best brothel will be reopening and our in house escorts will be eagerly awaiting your return……..XXX