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Season of Sex…..

Its finally Friday……so many reasons to knock off work early, have a drink, relax and kick start the weekend with a visit to Montecito where we have 8 highly skilled sexy in house escorts ready to play! With Blake, Skye, Chloe, Vixen, Luna, Elle, Phoebe & Ashley on shift from midnight…..why go anywhere else for your Friday night fun?????

This week saw the start of Autumn or Fall as the Americans call it and we can already feel the change in the air. Did you know Autumn actually plays a major role in sexual desire…..a scientific study from 2011 revealed that levels of testosterone in both sexes rises significantly during the Autumn months. Higher levels of this hormone leads to increased sexual desire and sex drive. Interestingly enough….it is not just humans that experience an increase in sex drive during Autumn…..animals do as well….and in some more obvious ways. The male Siberian hamster’s testes swell to 17 times larger during the Autumn than in the Summer.