It's a brand new week..... - Montecito
The Ladies

It’s a brand new week…..

This week brings a bevy of playmates to join the rest of our beauties at Montecito.

Keep an eye out for the stunning Imogen who is gracing our day shifts starting tomorrow….this stunning 21-year-ok with long tanned legs, sapphire blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair is articulate and playful and loves to dabble in a few fantasies…..

Shanelle is back to join us after some time overseas and is truly looking hotter than ever. This bubbly in-house escort is bursting with energy and loves to have her girlfriends join in on the fun….

The sublime and sophisticated Sabrina is all your cougar fantasies come true….in a sexy package complete with a natural E bust….

So pop on in and make these gorgeous ladies feel welcome……and keep an eye out on the roster as we will have a few more playmates starting with us soon…….XXX