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Friday fun on Valentines Day….

Whether you’re single and craving some naked company or a couple looking to spice things up this V Day…..Montecito has the playmates for you!!! With a stunning line-up of beauties on our evening and Grave roster, including the sexy and saucy SKYE who is brand new to Montecito, why would you go anywhere else?????Peep the profiles of the in house escorts on shift here.

And just because it’s fun fact Friday….we have chosen to enlighten your sexual knowledge by de-bunking a few common myths out there…

Myth 1: Women don’t enjoy porn. Did you know that a Marie Claire survey that questioned over 3,000 women found that nearly a 1/3 watch porn every single week and all respondents watched at least twice a month. Interestingly though….around 66% of women watch porn by themselves….so it is purely for their own sexual gratification. (and fyi…..all our rooms have porn streaming for your viewing pleasure….or bring your own in on a usb…..)

Myth 2: Size matters. A professor at the University of Sheffield conducted a survey of 500,000 people where it was uncovered that over 85% of women are sexually satisfied with the size of their partners appendage. So it really is “the skill of the stroke more than the size of the bloke”

Myth 3: While we are discussing penis size….it is a myth that the average penis size is 7 inches. The true average size of male genitalia is around 5-51/2 inches….. so big shoes really only mean….big socks!

Myth 4: Most women shave and/or wax their entire pubic area. In reality only 11% of women aged 18-68 remove all of their pubic hair most of the time. This begs the question….. Is bush back…or did it ever leave????? (and if you are wondering about the shaving habits of our stunning in house escorts….then come for a visit and find out for yourself….)

Lastly….Myth 5: Men and women reach their sexual peaks at different times. This myth originated from the Kinsey report published in the mid 1900’s where they actually counted how many orgasms people were having at different ages. Modern researchers now assert the question….what defines a peak??? Age is a very very minor factor involved in a persons sexual desire….in actual fact other components such as stress and health play more of a role in ones sexual desire or lack of.