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Friday fun…….

Disclaimer: for entertainment purposes only……

A recent news article suggested that “Aussies are boring in the bedroom”….based on a survey conducted by We-Vibe that reported 41% of Australians rate the missionary position as their favourite position. This was followed by doggy style at 30% and cowgirl at 28%. Comments under the article state that missionary is the favourite not only to its intimate nature but some also stated it was due to the fact it required less strength and stamina….as opposed to the more fun, but equally more taxing, reverse doggy and ‘butter churner’…..

When interviewed about this survey….sex coach Georgia Grace said that “real sex can be awkward and clunky” and “take time to get in the right position”. If this could describe your bedroom habits….or you want to try something new….or want a few tips on how to approach your bedroom moves with a little finesse……come on in and spend some time with one of our highly skilled inhouse escorts…….XXX

Scanlon, R. (2020). Graph show Australia’s favourite sex position is missionary. Retrieved from 23 October 2020.