Couples Brothel Experience Brisbane - Montecito


Due to the updated Covid Safe Industry Plan for the Queensland Sex Industry….QLD brothels are not permitted to offer the option of spending time with with 2 or more of our stunning in-house escorts. We are hoping that as Covid cases remain extremely low in QLD that we may soon be able to offer this incredibly sexy and fun service. Until then, Montecito is committed to abiding by the current QLD Health requirements laid out in the current plan. Sorry boys! Any questions regarding the Industry Plan please contact the PLA or QABA by clicking the acronym for the website links.

Two is company and three is a party at Montecito! Whether you are married and looking for some added spice or your partner wishes to speed up the momentum, a Montecito lady is only a phone call away.

More and more married couples and long time partners are finding new ways to express themselves by playing out their fantasies and Montecito offers the best and most secure, private location for these activities.

Bring back some of the heat to your relationship by remembering the thrills and excitement of someone new, together!

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