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Brisbane hookers: Montecito's Brisbane Brothel

Montecito: A better option than hookers in Brisbane…

If you have been considering using the services of a hooker in Brisbane there are a few points you need to consider.

With a legal brothel such as Montecito you are able to view a selection of quality ladies and make a decision once you are satisfied while attempting to find a hooker that meets your own personal standards can be a frustrating experience.

Hookers in Brisbane is not a safe option

At Montecito we employ only the best girls and we use 100% real images on our website – this may not always be the case when hiring a hooker.

You can never be sure how much a night with a hooker may end up costing you, they may add extra charges for a taxi home and you have no guarantee that your possessions will be safe. By visiting Montecito, a long lasting Brisbane brothel, you can be sure you will get what you pay for.

Montecito Brothel assures complete privacy 

A visit to our premises assures you complete privacy with off street parking and discreet ladies. Remember that finding an appropriate place to take a hooker can be an expensive and confusing task.

Do you really want a costly hotel reservation showing up on your credit card bill?

Are you sure you want to take someone you don’t know into your home?

The bottom line you should always remember is that street hookers are illegal in Queensland and you will not be immune to punishment if you are found guilty of engaging in this activity. Our brothel, on the other hand is completely licensed and legal to visit.